Thane Policemen Suspended: Ten policemen, including three officers, were suspended in Thane district of Maharashtra on Wednesday. Suspended policemen are being questioned for allegedly robbing Rs 6 crore from the residence of a Thane local man. The crime came to the notice of Thane Police Commissioner Jai Jeet Singh after a complaint letter accused the police officials of committing dacoity at the house of a Thane resident.

The complaint was also sent to the Maharashtra Home Minister and it is said that the Mumbra Police Inspector along with two sub-inspectors, employees and other non-uniformed persons raided Faizal Memon’s residence in the early hours of April 12, after Tuesday midnight.

All policemen are posted in Mumbra police station

The accused officers have been identified as Crime Police Inspector Geetaram Shewale and his junior officers, Sub Inspector of Police (PSI) Ravi Madane and PSI Harshal Kale at Mumbra police station. The letter said that police officials reached Memon’s residence and found thirty boxes of Rs 1 crore each. All the boxes were taken to the Mumbra police station in the cabin of the senior police inspector. After this, Shewale questioned Memon from where he got the money.

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assault on victim

Memon told them that it was all his hard earned money, but Shewale and his juniors did not believe him and allegedly assaulted him. According to the letter, the policemen then asked Memon to pay half the amount but he pleaded and agreed to pay Rs 2 crore to Shewale. However, the policemen took Rs 6 crore and returned the remaining Rs 24 crore to Memon.

Ten accused policemen suspended

The letter also said that Inspector Shewale had called Senior Police Inspector Ashok Kadlag to apprise him of the situation. The letter said that the CCTV footage from the inspector’s cabin may be examined and a case may be registered against the accused police officers. After the complaint, Police Commissioner Jai Jeet Singh has ordered an inquiry against the accused police officers. After this, ten accused policemen were suspended on Wednesday pending the investigation.

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