The Life Of Vijeta Pandit Has Become A Big Tragedy

Vijayta Pandit Birthday: The life of the beautiful 80s actress...

Vijayta Pandit Birthday: The life of the beautiful 80s actress and singer Vijayta Pandit is no less than a tragedy. There have been many ups and downs in their life. Vijayta started her film career in 1981 with the blockbuster film Love Story. Vijayta’s opposite in the film was Kumar Gaurav, son of Rajendra Kumar, who was called the legend star of his time. Love Story was also Gaurav’s first film. The film broke all the records of earning and with this the pair of Vijayta and Gaurav got a lot of love from the audience. However, after this film, many films of Gaurav and Vijayata flopped and both were labeled as flops. But now the question arises that where is the victory at this time?

Neither husband got nor love
So let us tell you that today Vijayta is celebrating her 25th birthday. He was born on 25 August 1967 in Mumbai. Vijayta’s father Pandit Pratap Narayan was a famous classical singer and Pandit Jasraj was his real uncle. His brothers Jatin and Lalit were also Bollywood’s top music directors. His elder sister Sulakshana Pandit is also a famous actress. But Vijayta could not achieve any such position. Vijayta’s love remained incomplete. Her marriage with the first husband did not last long and when she married for the second, the husband died of cancer.

sacrificed love because of family
After the first film Love Story, the closeness between Vijayta and Gaurav increased. It is said that Vijayta used to turn down films to spend time with Kumar Gaurav. It is said that Kumar Gaurav’s father Rajendra Kumar had objections to this relationship. Vijayta and Kumar did not want to go against the Gaurav family and get married so both of them parted ways.

I wish I had paid attention to work
Vijayta herself had told that after Love Story, she was offered most of the films with Kumar Gaurav, but Vijayta refused to work with Kumar Gaurav citing personal reasons. However, Vijayta also regretted that neither her career nor love could go on. During an interview with IDiva, Vijayta expressed regret that she wished she had paid more attention to work at that time.

first marriage did not work
Vijayta acted in the 1986 film Car Thief. After this she got married to Sameer Malkan, the director of the same film. Vijayata and Sameer’s marriage did not last long and both of them got divorced.

second husband died of cancer
After separating from Sameer, Adesh Srivastava came in his life. Cancer surrounded Aadesh and in 2015 he said goodbye to the world at the age of 51. Now Vijayata lives with two sons and has completely changed, today she has nothing to do with the cinematic world. After the death of her husband, she had the responsibility of raising both the children. During this, Vijayta was struggling with financial constraints.

became lonely after the death of her husband
After the death of her husband, Vijayta started living in depression. In an interview given to ETimes in 2021, Vijayta had told that I had become very lonely and started living in depression. There was also financial constraint, but I did not ask anyone for help. My husband had never asked anyone for financial help. Even when he was ill, he did not take any help for money. Aadesh was very loving and took great care of me. He used to treat me like a princess.

House runs from musical royalty
According to Vijayta, all the money that Aadesh had earned was spent in his treatment. Vijayta had to sell the car to get treatment in Canada. Later, Vijayta also had to sell the car that Aadesh had gifted her. Now Vijayta runs the house from the royalties of her husband Aadesh’s musical work.

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