These 11 Roads Of Delhi Will Be Transformed Before Monsoon, Will Get Freedom From Jam ANN

Delhi Roads: For the people of Delhi, there is no...

Delhi Roads: For the people of Delhi, there is no problem in movement and they do not have to deal with jams on the roads, so that the work of repair of roads is done by the Public Works Department (PWD) as per the need from time to time. is done. In view of this, Deputy Chief Minister and PWD Minister Manish Sisodia on Monday approved projects worth Rs 6.10 crore for works related to the strengthening of 11 roads in Rohini area. The total length of the 11 roads to be strengthened is 7.47 km.

Manish Sisodia said that these roads will be strengthened with the help of modern technology, so that these roads remain strong for a long time. PWD Minister Manish Sisodia said that we are working to improve the roads under PWD in a systematic manner. In the same sequence, the work of strengthening these roads of Rohini area is being started before monsoon, so that people do not have to face problems during monsoon. Also, the strengthening of these roads will improve the inter-connectivity from colonies to main roads in many areas of Rohini and save time in travel of people.” He directed the officials of PWD that the works of strengthening of roads should be completed in time.

,Government’s vision to give world class roads to the people,
PWD Minister Manish Sisodia said that the Delhi Government is working to provide safe, smooth and beautiful roads to the people of Delhi. The vision of the government is to provide a pleasant travel experience to its citizens by providing them world class roads. For this reason, modern technology is being used by PWD for the strengthening work of these roads, so that the roads of Delhi can become more safe for the movement of people.

These roads of Rohini will be strengthened,

  • Rohini Sector-11, Block F-3 to H-4 Road
  • Rohini Sector-11, Road from Block A-1 to F-3
  • Rohini Sector-11, Block H-1 to H-5 Road
  • Rohini Sector-11, Block F-1 to H-2 Road
  • Rohini Sector-11, Road from Block C-4 to A-3
  • Rohini Sector-11, Block F-1 to F-3 Road
  • Rohini Sector-11, Block A-1 to A-3 Road
  • Rohini Sector-11, Block C-1 to C-5 Road
  • Rohini Sector-11, Road from Community Center to NDMC Colony
  • Rama Road
  • Road No.41A to Rama Road

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