These 3 could be the results of Asuka vs Becky Lynch’s Money in the Bank qualifying match, know who has the upper hand

Becky can win the match by cheating

Becky is currently seen in a heel character. In such a situation, they will have a chance to win even by cheating. Becky can also win this match in the count out. After winning this way, WWE can also start another feud between him and Asuka. 

Asuka can win the match with submission 

Asuka is the best in ring worker of the women’s division. Everyone likes his ring work. Apart from this, they are also called submission experts. In such a situation, she can use it in her match against Becky. This will also strengthen her character as she will get a clean win against Becky. 

Match ends on disqualification 

Both Becky and Asuka are currently the top stars of the women’s division. In such a situation, WWE would not want that any star should easily lose this match at this time. In such a situation, he can end this match on disqualification. In which both the stars will be out of this match. After which WWE can include these two in the Money in the Bank ladder match. 


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