Thomas Cup 2022 Final: Today is the final of the big badminton tournament Thomas Cup. India and Indonesia are face to face in the final. While Indonesia has won this cup 14 times, India is in the final for the first time. When and where to watch this final, read here.

1. When and at what time will the final match of Thomas Come 2022 start?
This match will start today (May 15) at 11.30 Indian time.

2. Where will the final match of Thomas Come 2022 be played?
The match will be played at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

3. This final match between India and Indonesia will be broadcast on any TV channel?
This great match will be broadcast on Sports-18 channel.

4. Can this match be streamed live?
Yes, this match can be seen online on the official YouTube channel of Voot and BWF.

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