Tribal Draupadi Murmu Become President Candidate Of NDA Know About Tribal Belt

India Presidential Election: NDA has announced the candidate for the...

India Presidential Election: NDA has announced the candidate for the election of the President. About 20 names were discussed in the BJP Parliamentary Board meeting, but the face that came in front of everyone surprised everyone. Draupadi Murmu is a name that no one even thought of. A tribal face who is running for the presidency for the first time. If Draupadi Murmu wins this election, then it will be the first time in the history of India that a tribal will become the President.

After Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, there have been many experiments in BJP, the decisions taken by the party have surprised many times. This time too, the party surprised once again by fielding Draupadi Murmu as its candidate. With this, the party not only did the work of cultivating the tribals but also took care of the women. Tribal society has always been away from common life. Very rarely it has happened that this society has got equal status. However, now the situation is changing and this society is also fighting for its rights.

Tribals constitute 8.6 percent of India’s population i.e. about 11 crore population. According to the population of the country, this is a big part which has been neglected. The number of scheduled tribal groups in India is more than 700. Tribals have been recognized as a Hindu population since 1951, before that they were counted in other religions. The Government of India has recognized them as Scheduled Tribes. Madhya Pradesh has the largest population of tribals in the country. After this comes the number of Odisha and Jharkhand.

marginalized tribal society

Tribal people have always been different from the general public of the country. The marginalization of tribal society is also the reason for which they fight. If land is needed for industrial mining in the country, then the land of the tribals is snatched away. Along with this, tribal people live in the forest geographically and have always been seen fighting for land. The major issue for the tribals has been displacement. Whenever there is talk of the development of the country, the tribals automatically come to the fore, the path of development of the country passes through the land of the tribals. Even today, there has been no big change in their social and economic things. This society is still backward and at some places they are standing at the beginning.

backwardness of tribals

The biggest reason for the backwardness of the tribals has also been that they have not been able to change themselves with the changing times and society. Business awareness, risk taking ability among the tribals is negligible. This is also one of the reasons for backwardness. Apart from this, due to the lack of self-confidence among the tribals, they are not able to bring themselves into the mainstream. It is not that his talent is lacking, but he lags behind the common man in confidence, due to which there is a lack of development of the tribals. One more thing and the tribal society has been attached to its culture and traditions and has an unwavering belief in it, it has been considered backward in the mainstream. Mainstream always wanted to make it a part of modern society, trying to do away with their traditions.

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