Tricky Interview Questions Answers Of Questions Asked In IAS Interview Exam

UPSC Interview Questions: Every year lakhs of youth of the...

UPSC Interview Questions: Every year lakhs of youth of the country appear in the UPSC exam, but there are only a few candidates who pass this exam and become officers. Many candidates clear the preliminary and mains written exam conducted by UPSC, but the questions asked in the UPSC interview become a hindrance in their path. Many such tricky questions are asked in UPSC interviews. Those whose answers are easy, but due to being asked in a strange way, the candidates get confused. Some tricky questions which have been asked in UPSC interview also.

Question: Which animal can never jump?
Answer: Elephant, elephant is a very heavy animal, it can never jump.
Question: What would happen if the amount of oxygen on Earth doubled?
Answer: If the amount of oxygen in our atmosphere doubles, then the size of small insects, cockroaches etc. will become very large. Exactly as in Hollywood movies, sometimes insects are shown in large sizes.
Question: Which part of the human body changes every two months?
Answer: Eyebrows means eyebrows.
Question: Why do we drink water?
Answer: Because we cannot eat water, cannot chew.
Question: Who was the first Air Force Chief of our country?
Answer: Air Marshal Thomas Elmhirst.
Question: Who was the first Navy Chief of India?
Answer: Rear Admiral J.T.S. Condition.
Question: What is the name of the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest?
Answer: Junko Tabi.
Question: Name one name in which the name of fruit, flower and sweet comes?
Answer: Gulab Jamun.
Question: What is such a thing that breaks as soon as the name is taken?
Answer: Silence.

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