MP Power Crisis: The power crisis in Madhya Pradesh is continuously deepening. Because of this, such disturbances are being created during the marriage ceremony which are leaving a tinge in the minds of the people for a lifetime. One such case has come up in Ujjain. After the power failure there, the bride changed. On knowing about this, the pundit again made seven rounds with the right bride in the temple and rectified this mistake.

this is the case

Please tell that the procession of two brothers of village Dangwara near Ujjain had reached Aslana village. Here three sisters were to be married together. Suddenly there was a power outage in the night. Due to the similarity of the bride’s dress, the bride of the brothers of Dangwara changed. When the procession reached Dangwara after the marriage ceremony, there was a ruckus. The bride, who was to be married to the elder brother, had taken rounds with the younger brother. Whereas the younger brother had married the girl he liked for the elder brother. After this was revealed, once again both the couple reached the Boreshwar temple in Dangwara. There the Pandit changed the bride and made seven rounds duly done again.

Problems in marriage ceremony due to power crisis

This has also been confirmed by the local villagers of Dangwara. He told that the power crisis is continuously deepening in the rural areas, due to which the marriage ceremony is facing a lot of problems. The villagers told that the procession of two brothers had reached the same house. He was to be married with real sisters, but due to power failure, the bride was exchanged. Later, once again the mistake was rectified by making rounds in the temple.

6 to 12 hours cut in rural areas

There is a power cut of 6 to 12 hours in rural areas of many districts of Madhya Pradesh. Congress MLA Mahesh Parmar has warned of agitation if the power cut is not withdrawn. Villagers are also constantly battling with power crisis. CBSE examinations are going on at present. Students living in rural areas are facing particular difficulties.

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