UK PM Race Rishi Sunak Beats Liz Truss In Sky News TV Debate

British PM Race: The contest between Liz Truss and Rishi...

British PM Race: The contest between Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak for the post of Prime Minister of Britain is getting interesting. While Truss seems to be making an edge over Sunak in Opinion Polls, Rishi Sunak defeated Liz Truss in a TV debate on Thursday. Sunak’s victory in the TV debate is getting a lot of enthusiasm among his fans.

Let us tell you that the race between Sunak and Truss is going on in the race to become the next Prime Minister of England. Since the resignation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister last month, the process of electing a new leader of the new Conservative Party is going on in Britain.

Anchor raised sharp questions on the truss

Let us tell you that during the TV debate of Sky News on Thursday, Sunak got a lot of support from the audience. After the electronic voting machine broke down, the audience raised their hands and expressed their support for Sunak. During the debate, the program’s anchor Burley asked Liz Truss several sharp questions, which she seemed uncomfortable answering. The anchor asked the question about the salary of government employees to the truss, due to which they had to change their policy within 24 hours. Truss seemed completely uncomfortable answering this question.

The statement was misrepresented in the media

In response to the anchor’s question, he said that his policy has been misrepresented in the media by sabotaging it. Let us tell you that the election campaign team of Truss had issued a statement on Monday, about which there was a controversy. In a statement issued by the Truss team, it was said that if the salaries of government employees living outside London are reduced, then it will save the government $ 10.75 billion every year. After the ruckus on this statement, the Truss took back this statement, clarifying it.

Equipped answer given on Ukraine-Russia war

In the TV debate, sharp questions were also asked about the Ukraine-Russia attack from Truss. The anchor asked Truss whether it is true that you said that British citizens should go to fight the war against Russia on behalf of Ukraine. To which Truss gave a roundabout reply saying that it was always a travel advisory from Britain that British people should not go to Ukraine.

Tough questions asked to Rishi Sunak

During the program, the anchor also made sharp questions with Rishi Sunak. Burley asked Sunak that some people believe that you are not able to walk very far by wearing the shoes of ordinary people because you wear shoes of some expensive brand company. To this, Sunak replied that he comes from a normal family and was brought up like a normal child.

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