Ukraine Returns Home After Rescuing Soldiers Trapped In Steel Plant, Many Soldiers Seriously Injured

Ukraine Russia War: Ukrainian fighters defended a steel plant in...

Ukraine Russia War: Ukrainian fighters defended a steel plant in Ukraine’s ravaged port city of Mariupol and achieved their goal. Now efforts are on to rescue each and every defender from there. Ukrainian officials gave this information. Ukraine’s deputy defense minister said more than 260 soldiers were evacuated from the Hulking Ajovstal plant on Monday, with many seriously injured. Officers planned to continue trying to rescue an unknown number of fighters who were left behind.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said “the work of bringing people home is ongoing, and it requires sensitivity and time.” He said the evacuation of some defenders came after Moscow suffered another diplomatic setback in the war. Finland joined in Sweden’s decision to join NATO.

53 soldiers sent to hospital

Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Hannah Malyer said 53 seriously injured soldiers were taken from the Azovstal plant to a hospital in Novoazovsk, east of Mariupol. An additional 211 soldiers were evacuated to Olenivka via a humanitarian corridor. He said that an agreement would be worked out for his homecoming.

Soldiers faced weeks of attacks by Russia

Zelensky said the evacuation in the separatist-controlled area was done to save the lives of soldiers who fought weeks of Russian attacks in the maze of underground passages under the plant. He said that the seriously injured are getting medical help.

Ukraine needs Ukrainian heroes to survive

Zelensky said Ukraine needs Ukrainian heroes to survive. Before the evacuation begins, the Russian Defense Ministry has announced an agreement to leave the plant to treat the wounded in a part held by pro-Moscow separatists. There was no immediate information on whether the wounded would be treated as prisoners of war. After Monday night, several buses with Russian military vehicles drove away from the steel plant. Malier later confirmed that the evacuation had taken place.

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