Ukraine Russia War: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the country’s military had made a slight advance in the east and pushed Russian forces out of four villages near Kharkiv. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba said that Ukraine could force Russia to leave the territories it held.

This call of Foreign Minister Kuleba not only increased the confidence of the Ukrainian army but also expanded the target. Kuleba told the Financial Times that after the February 24 attack, Ukraine thought they would be victorious only when Russian troops withdrew from their positions. But that was no longer the case.

“If we are strong enough on the military front and we win the battle for the Donbass, it will be crucial to the strategy of the war, and certainly our victory in this war will be the independence of the rest of our territories,” Kuleba said. The army has gained an edge in the Donbass and has more control over it than before.

One of the examples of the potential of Ukraine is Mariupol.

One of the examples of Ukraine’s ability to prevent an easy Russian victory is Mariupol, where Ukrainian fighters hiding in a steel plant prevented Russia from taking full control of the city. The regiment guarding the plant said Russian warplanes continued to bombard it 34 times in 24 hours.

In recent days, the United Nations and the Red Cross have launched a rescue operation for the last civilian trapped in the plant. However, two officials said on Tuesday that around 100 people are still in the underground tunnels of the complex. Donetsk regional governor Pavlo Kyrilenko said these were people “not chosen by Russian troops” for evacuation.

In a statement on Telegram, the Ukrainian regiment called on the United Nations and the Red Cross to evacuate wounded soldiers from Ukraine-controlled areas. These photos, however, could not be independently verified. Ukraine said on Tuesday that the Russian military fired seven missiles a day earlier in Odessa, targeting a shopping center and a warehouse in the country’s biggest port. The army said one person was killed and five were injured in the attack.

Threats to the global food supply

Odessa is a major gateway for grain supplies and its blockade by Russia already threatens the global food supply. Meanwhile, Kharkiv and the surrounding area have been under constant Russian attacks since the beginning of the war. Zelensky said on Tuesday that his army was gradually pushing Russian troops away from Kharkiv. In his nightly address, Zelensky paid tribute to independent Ukraine’s first president, Leonid Kravchuk, who died Tuesday at the age of 88.

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