UN Committee Reprimands France For Not Giving Entry To A Woman Wearing A Head Scarf

School Headscarf Ban: A United Nations Committee (UN) said in...

School Headscarf Ban: A United Nations Committee (UN) said in its decision that France has violated the international rights treaty by refusing entry to a woman wearing a head scarf. . The United Nations Human Rights Committee said the move broke international covenants on civil and political rights. The committee has given this decision on a complaint filed in 2016 by a French woman born in 1977.

2010 case
The woman enrolled in a professional training course for adults in 2010. He also passed an interview and entrance examination for this. But the headmaster of Langevin Wallon High School in the southeastern suburb of Paris refused to admit the woman to the school, citing a ban on the wearing of religious symbols in public educational establishments.

“Preventing her from attending the course wearing a head scarf is a breach of the treaty on her freedom of religion,” the UN committee said. Although Seemit’s decision was accepted in March, it was sent to the woman’s lawyer on Wednesday.

The woman’s lawyer said this thing
The woman’s lawyer said, “This is an important decision which shows that France needs to respect human rights and religious minorities in particular and the Muslim community in particular.” to work on the issue.” The woman’s lawyer does not want her name to be public.

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