Underground House With Modern & Advanced Technology Has Been Built At A Cost Of 21 Crores In A Village In Worcestershire County England

Worcestershire County Underground House: A luxurious underground house has been...

Worcestershire County Underground House: A luxurious underground house has been completed in a village in Worcestershire County, England. Actually, the price of this luxurious underground house is being told at 2.2 million pounds. If we talk in Indian rupees, then this price is around Rs 21.16 crore. There are many specialties of this luxurious house. From relaxing indoors to sports and entertainment, means are available.

The house is equipped with modern facilities

Actually, there is a luxurious bar inside this luxurious house, the name of this bar is Maradona Bar. Apart from this, there are facilities like swimming pool, pool table. At the same time, there is a provision of beer freeze and pool cue for fun. However, this luxurious house has only 2 seats. T-shirts of the great Argentine footballers Maradona and Lionel Messi are also there.

The house is made of very advanced and modern technology

This house has been built with very advanced and modern technology. Actually, the front gate of this house opens with fingerprint like a smartphone, that is, this house is completely safe. Apart from this, the curtain of the home-made cinema hall is 3 meters, which is completely HD. In making this luxurious house, full care has been taken of the resources of modern entertainment.

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