UP News: BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj, who was in the headlines for his statements, stayed in Unnao on Friday. Here the MP distributed tablets and smart phones in a college. During this, the MP blessed the students to touch new heights in future. At the same time, the MP also inspected the district hospital of Unnao and saw the reality of health facilities.

On the question of inflation, the MP said that it is true that inflation is increasing, but to reduce inflation, our central government, the government of our states keep making some plan or the other. A lot will be under control within the coming 10 days.

statement on gyanvapi controversy
In a conversation with the media, BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj, while answering bluntly on many questions, presented his side towards the government. The MP said that a word like Gyanvapi does not find a place in Quran and Islam. Gyanvapi means lake of knowledge, well of knowledge. It is clear from the word Gyanvapi that the place belongs to Lord Shiva, the provider of knowledge, the name of God is Gyanvapi. There is no point in the controversy over Gyanvapi.

Taj Mahal News: This update came out on the website of ASI regarding closed rooms, know when and when the cells were open

What did Congress thinkers say on the meeting?
The MP said that India Congress has become free. Congress has done a lot of damage to India, now the people of this country are not in a mood to tolerate Congress. The way there is Khandwa in wheat at some places, Congress is visible at some places in the country like Rajasthan-Chhattisgarh. Going to Jharkhand very soon. No matter how many thinkers meet Congress, they have no third other than Sonia-Rahul. Sonia’s alternative Rahul’s alternative is Sonia, he can never get out of familyism. Only the familyism of Congress is enough for the destruction of Congress.

What did Shri Krishna say at the birthplace?
He said that the matter of Qutub Minar is different and the matter of Taj Mahal was different, but in Mathura, which is the birthplace of Lord Shri Krishna, he broke it and built an Idgah. It is a matter of court, the good thing is that the High Court has told the district court of Mathura, whatever is right, it should be resolved soon after arguing. We will accept whatever the court decides.

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