UP Cyber ​​Fraud Relatives Of Patients Admitted In PGI Hospital FIR Lodged PGI Police Station Ann

Prayagraj Cyber ​​crime: Cyber ​​thugs also wired humanity. The thugs...

Prayagraj Cyber ​​crime: Cyber ​​thugs also wired humanity. The thugs have started targeting people who are battling for life and death. Cyber ​​thugs are extorting money by trapping the relatives of patients admitted in PGI. Two such cases have come to the fore in which the victims have lodged an FIR in the PGI police station. The hospital administration is also issuing advisory to rein in such people. This case is of Prayagraj and Deoria.

Cyber ​​thugs are depositing money in their UPI account from the relatives of patients admitted in PGI by telling them the need of blood or platelets or on the pretext of other treatment. The first case of fraud is that of Prayagraj resident advocate Shweta Singh whose husband Pankaj Kumar is admitted in the liver transplant department of PGI. Pankaj Kumar is posted in the Transport Department in Basti.

Know how the fraud was done?

He has liver problem since last 2 years. Shweta brought him to PGI on 28 April. The preparations for his liver transplant are going on here. On May 7, Pankaj’s condition became critical. The troubled Shweta was called by the thug, pretending to be the head of the hepatology department, and asked her to arrange blood immediately. The alleged HOD, who called, asked Shweta to deposit Rs 8250 for blood through UPI.

Shweta deposited the stated amount on the UPI ID. Shweta’s husband got blood as soon as he deposited the money. After this Shweta again got a call from the fake HOD and she said that Pankaj has developed jaundice, which will be controlled by an antidose.

The cost of this anti-dose is 3 lakh 50 thousand. This antidose is to be imported from Mumbai. When Shweta talked about not having that much money, then the thug who called said that for now deposit 22500 rupees. The rest will have to be given later. Shweta again sent money on the same UPI ID.

After calling the victim again, Rs 6000 more was recovered in the name of shifting to the operation theatre. When Shweta informed the PGI administration, the matter opened and she lodged an FIR. Similarly, the treatment of kidney disease of Sandeep of Deoria is going on in PGI. The thugs also talked to Sandeep posing as a doctor and cheated him online of 8000 rupees by saying that there was a shortage of platelets.

It is also feared that the people of PGI are involved in this matter. The police have taken the number of the person who called from the victims of the fraud. The details of the number are being probed. The PGI administration has also made preparations to issue guidelines after getting information about such cheating happening with patients in the hospital.

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