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UP News: ‘Every year fairs will be held on the pyres of the martyrs, this will be the rest of the marks of those who perish on their homeland.’ Whenever the stories of independence will be written, then the name of Naugawan Sadat town of Amroha will definitely be written. The brave sons of the English army, who took up arms to break the chains of slavery in their feet, had also soured the teeth of the English army. In the revolution of 1857, 18 revolutionaries who were arrested on charges of rebellion were crucified by the British government at Damdama Kothi in Moradabad.

Had a shroud tied on his head for freedom

The death warrant of all these was written in Pipli Kothi of Pipli Taga village of Naugawan Sadat. It has been talked about when Mangal Pandey from Meerut had blown the trumpet of freedom, then the people of Naugawan Sadat had also tied a shroud on their heads after seeing the dream of freedom. At that time Nawab Majju Khan was the ruler of Moradabad division. The throne of Delhi was occupied by Bahadur Shah Zafar. During this time the first Ghadar was started in the country. The revolutionaries had staggered the feet of the English army. After this mutiny in 1857, the British government had left no stone unturned in atrocities on the revolutionaries. The Damdama Kothi of Moradabad is a witness to this even today. Where 18 revolutionaries of Naugawan Sadat were hanged.

Since the mutiny of 1857, the British army was raiding from place to place in search of revolutionaries. During this, 18 revolutionaries were arrested after raiding a house in Mohalla Shah Farid of Basti. In which Wazir Ali, Nazar Ali, Khadam Ali, Chirag Ali, Asghar Ali, Babar Ali, Aagar, Niaz Ali, Umrao Ali, Jawahar Ali, Rahim Ulla, Wazira, Karim Ulla, Inayat Ali, Hidayat Ali, Sajjad Ali, Badr Ali and Farhat Ali was involved.

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After hanging, the body was buried by putting salt in the pit.

Amroha’s historian Ikram Haider says that the trial of these 18 revolutionaries arrested on the charge of rebellion was carried out in Pipli Kothi (British Government’s court) of village Pipli Taga on Dhanaura Road in Naugawan Sadat. The trial of case number 683 lasted for three months. After this, the judge of the British government, after giving death sentence to these 18 revolutionaries, stamped the death warrant. The traces of that bloody court are still present in the village. The historian told that 18 heroes were picked up from here and taken to Damdama Kothi in Moradabad and they were crucified and put the dead bodies of 18 heroes in a deep pit and salt was poured on it. The bodies were not handed over to the relatives.

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