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Gonda District Jail News: A three-day camp was organized by...

Gonda District Jail News: A three-day camp was organized by the Tuberculosis Department in the jail of Ganda district of UP. During this, the health of all the prisoners lodged in the jail was checked. Many such patients came out in which diseases were confirmed, some of these prisoners confirmed TB and some were also found to be HIV positive. Since then, there has been a stir in the jail administration.

Investigation confirmed diseases in many prisoners

Due to the detention of prisoners more than the capacity in the district jail, the process of increasing diseases continues. Due to lack of investigation, treatment and monitoring in the district jail, diseases are also spreading. When the team of Tuberculosis Department investigated the prisoners by setting up a camp in the district jail, 811 prisoners and prisoners were examined. Out of which TB along with HIV has been confirmed in 8 prisoners. 8 inmates of the district jail were found to be HIV positive, whereas TB disease has been confirmed with the inmates HIV positive.

Stirred after 8 prisoners found HIV positive

After the confirmation of many diseases in the prisoners of Gonda Jail, their treatment has been started. HIV positive patients will be treated at Anti Retroviral Therapy ART Center. TB inmates will be treated under TB clinics in the district. Giving more information about this, jailer in-charge Dipankar Kumar told on the phone that 8 cases of HIV have been found in the jail, which are being screened and a patient of TB has been found.

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