UP News, Amethi MLC Deepak Singh Say Thanks To The High Command For Sending 3 Leaders From UP To Rajya Sabha Ann | MLC Deepak Singh’s statement amidst the uproar over Rajya Sabha candidates in Congress, know

Rajyasabha Election 2022: The Congress party is sending three leaders...

Rajyasabha Election 2022: The Congress party is sending three leaders from Uttar Pradesh to the Rajya Sabha. These include the names of Pramod Tiwari, Rajiv Shukla and Imran Pratapgarhi. Regarding which both types of reactions are being seen in the party. Many party workers are happy that UP is the largest state in the country and the high command has elected three leaders from this state to the Rajya Sabha, while on the other hand there is no less resentment within the party, so Congress from Amethi. Leader and MLC Deepak Singh also gave his response and said that he thanks the high command for this.

Congress MLC expressed gratitude to the high command

Congress MLC Deepak Singh said that the party workers are very happy with this decision of the high command, they were also demanding it for a long time. The sending of these leaders to the Rajya Sabha is being linked to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. On this question, he says that the way Brahmins and Muslims have been subjected to more atrocities in Uttar Pradesh, the Congress party stood with them and the people of the caste who will go to the Rajya Sabha will become the voice of their caste as well as the people of the state. .

Many leaders have expressed their opposition

On the other hand, protest voices are also being seen within the party regarding the sending of three members from the same state to the Rajya Sabha. When this question was asked to Deepak Singh, he said that it is not right to say such things at this time because then many voices will rise from all over the country. The way the party is going through our phase, the way there is a conspiracy against the Congress party from abroad to the country, in such a situation it is not right to hear such voices from inside the house. When the party is in power, it is in a position to give something, when the party is in power, then such things should be said and that too within the party forum.

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