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Baghpat News: In Uttar Pradesh's Baghpat, the buffalo owner and...

Baghpat News: In Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat, the buffalo owner and his girlfriend, who reached the police station regarding the purchase of buffalo, were insulted in front of the police. When the wife of the buffalo owner saw his girlfriend with her husband in the police station, she lost her temper and slapped her. When the police took both of them out of the police station, the woman did not only beat them outside but also dragged them by grabbing the hair all the way. Some people did the two separately.

What is the whole matter?
This case is of Doghat police station area. In fact, a youth resident of a village in Ramala police station area of ​​Baghpat district gave his buffalo to a young man from neighboring Idrishpur village for sale. A young man living in Idrishpur village sold a buffalo to a youth of his own village. When the buffalo owner reached to get the rest of the money, he refused to give the money. His girlfriend was also with the buffalo owner. When the quarrel escalated, the youth who bought the buffalo informed the police about the theft, after which the police reached the spot.

wife beat up girlfriend
The police brought the buffalo owner and his girlfriend to the Doghat police station. Someone informed the buffalo owner’s wife about this dispute, after which the wife of the buffalo owner reached the Doghat police station with her family members from the Budhana police station area and along with her husband Seeing the girlfriend, started beating with slaps. The woman police personnel intervened and separated the two, the wife of the buffalo owner lost her temper.

Seeing this, the police threw her husband and girlfriend out of the police station. The wife of the buffalo owner caught the girlfriend outside the police station and then grabbed her hair and started beating her with a slap. With the help of the police, the people freed the two and separated them. Doghat Police Inspector Janak Singh Chauhan told that the buffalo owner’s youth is having a dispute with his wife, on the other hand, the buffalo owner also had a dispute with the youth of Idrishpur village regarding the money for the sale of buffalo, which has been resolved.

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