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Ghaziabad News: In the Sihani Gate area of ​​​​Ghaziabad, UP,...

Ghaziabad News: In the Sihani Gate area of ​​​​Ghaziabad, UP, the police have uncovered a gang who often used to do chain snatching by targeting women and elderly people in Delhi-NCR. Police has arrested 3 miscreants of this gang. The looted jewelery and mobile phones were used by Chandni, the wife of the gang’s kingpin heir. The police have also arrested a goldsmith in this case who used to buy these jewellery.

Vicious gang busted

Giving information about this, SP City First Nipun Aggarwal said that the name of the kingpin of this gang is Waris, who hails from Dilshad Garden, Delhi. The name of the heir’s wife is Chandni, who used to fully support her husband in his dark adventures. These gangs used to give all the looted goods to Chandni, who used to sell it to the goldsmith. Many times the members of this gang used to rob people even on the strength of weapons.

Gang was active in Delhi-NCR

The police was looking for this gag for a long time. This gang was very active in Delhi NCR. Recently, this gang also snatched a gold chain from a person in Sihani Gate area. The police got the news from the informer that the heir, a resident of Delhi, runs this gang and Chandni is operating it. After which the police caught them and arrested both of them. According to the police, 37 criminal cases are registered against the heirs in Delhi NCR. At the behest of Chandni, he used to do snatching with his gang. The police have also caught the goldsmith who helped him in buying the stolen goods.

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The police is now looking for the rest of the gang members as well. These days chain snatching incidents have increased a lot in Delhi NCR. The police have recovered the looted chain and illegal firearm from them.

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