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Ghazipur News: On behalf of the Basic Education Department in...

Ghazipur News: On behalf of the Basic Education Department in Ghazipur, UP, the responsibility of determining the assessment amount for the demolition of the dilapidated buildings of the council school was given to the PWD department, but the PWD department had to set the assessment amount more. Due to this, buyers are not being found even by searching during the auction process. Because of this, those dilapidated buildings could not be demolished till date. But now the Department of Basic Education is preparing to get the evaluation of the dilapidated schools done again.

dilapidated buildings will be re-evaluated

The Basic Education Department has made preparations to conduct the evaluation of the dilapidated schools once again, for which the District Magistrate MP Singh has also been sent a list of schools with dilapidated buildings. In this district, 403 basic schools were declared dilapidated, in which 108 dilapidated buildings have been demolished and auctioned so far, while contractors are not getting ready due to high valuation amount of 295 schools.

New list of dilapidated schools prepared
This time a new list of dilapidated schools has been prepared in which a total of 344 buildings and rooms have been included. The file has been sent to the District Magistrate to complete the process of its evaluation by the committee constituted for its assessment and action will be started on it as soon as it is approved. The process of auction was completed twice for this by the department but buyers could not be found. But now BSA has started the process of its evaluation once again.

Auction process will start again
Basic Education Officer Hemant Rao told that the PWD has increased the evaluation amount of the dilapidated schools. Due to this, despite the auction process many times, no contractor is ready to buy. He said that for the demolition of dilapidated buildings on behalf of the PWD department, different assessment amount was fixed. Due to which no contractor was prepared during the auction process. Now to reduce the evaluation amount, again the list of dilapidated schools has been sent to District Magistrate MP Singh.

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