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UP News: In Gorakhpur, UP, the new District Magistrate Krishna...

UP News: In Gorakhpur, UP, the new District Magistrate Krishna Karunesh has taken charge a few days ago. After his joining, cyber thugs have also shown audacity to demand money from the officials using his photo and name. However, it did not take long for the officials to understand that this was a ploy of a cyber thug. When he called the District Magistrate, the truth came to the fore. Police is registering a case against the cyber thug and is looking for him.

Asking the location and demanding Rs.
An attempt has been made to commit cyber fraud in the name of new District Magistrate of Gorakhpur, Krishna Karunesh. Cyber ​​thugs on Tuesday demanded money from the administrative officers using their name and designation. The officers informed the District Magistrate about this, then he told that they are in the meeting. He hasn’t sent any message. The cyber thugs asked for the location of the administrative officers before demanding the money and then demanded money from them.

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DM gave instructions for strict action
DM Krishna Karunesh, after getting information about cyber fraud in his name, has directed the SSP to take strict action after finding out the thugs. The administrative officers are also unaware of the number used by the thug, but due to the DM’s photo and post written on it, the officers were also shocked.

WhatsApp message was found on CUG number
On Tuesday, WhatsApp message was received from mobile number 8250128869 on the CUG numbers of all ADMs and SDMs of Gorakhpur. His location was asked in it. Some officials also told their location. The cyber thugs chatting on WhatsApp also said that they are in the meeting. Don’t call them. Demand was made through Amazon Pay for Rs. After this the officials got suspicious and after blocking the number, informed the DM about it. A fake ID has also been demanded from the administrative officers in the name of former DM Vijay Kiran Anand.

What did the District Magistrate say?
Gorakhpur District Magistrate Krishna Karunesh said that on Tuesday morning it has come to the notice that a fake ID has been created on WhatsApp using his photo and name. He told that using personal number, a demand of Rs. has been made from the administrative officers in his name. He told that a Tahrir has also been given in the police station. A case has also been filed against him in the Cantt police station. He is also being traced as to who he is. This kind of incident has happened once or twice before. Any gang will be there, action will be taken after identifying it.

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