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Kanpur Violence: The second major action has been taken by...

Kanpur Violence: The second major action has been taken by the SIT after the arrest of mastermind Hayat Zafar Hashmi in connection with the uproar on the new road in Kanpur on June 3. The police on Wednesday arrested Haji Mukhtar Ahmed alias Mukhtar Baba, a resident of Beconganj and owner of Baba Biryani, on the charge of funding this ruckus. Despite several notices, Mukhtar Baba was not appearing before the SIT. When he reached Colonelganj police station on Wednesday, he was arrested. There was a time when Mukhtar Baba used to make bicycle punctures with his father, but today he is the owner of a lot of property.

Arrested for funding Kanpur violence

According to SIT sources, after taking Hayat Zafar Hashmi on remand, he had disclosed the names of two other builders, Mukhtar Baba, builder Haji Wasi. They were accused of being directly involved in the ruckus and funding. Haji Wasi has also been made an accused in the case of ruckus. By targeting the police on the pretext of market closure, many influential people from behind the scenes had hatched a conspiracy of violence. In this case, the police has sent Zafar Hashmi, Sufyan Rahil and Javed to jail. The accused have also been interrogated by taking them on remand twice. LIU and police have been activated in Muslim dominated areas as soon as Mukhtar Baba is aware. According to Joint CP Anand Tiwari, the SIT investigation has found strong evidence of Mukhtar Baba’s involvement in the violence. The police is also probing Mukhtar Baba’s contact with the operatives of the D2 gang.

Know who is Mukhtar Baba
In the year 1968, Mohammad Irshad Ahmed alias Baba, father of Mukhtar Baba, used to make cycle punctures on the land of Ram Janki Mandir in Beconganj. Mukhtar Baba also used to work with his father. After this he opened a small shop of biscuits, bandh and sweets. Mukhtar Baba earned a lot after the 1992 riots. Mukhtar also started property work with a special associate of history-sheeter Lala Bone. Old houses occupied the disputed lands and started selling them. Many enemy properties were also sold during this period. Mukhtar Baba had joined the vicious gang of that time, Rafiq Shafiq. According to the police, many properties were also vacated by Mukhtar with the help of D2 gang operatives. By manipulating the papers, he opened a hotel in the name of Baba Sweets on the land of a temple in Begumganj. Gradually he made his own brand of Baba Biryani. Although in the meantime, many cases of property dispute reached the police station, but Baba was not arrested.

The owner of such a huge property became
A bank officer also had a hand in taking Mukhtar Baba to the heights. An officer working in SBI branch of Chamanganj gave him a loan of lakhs to buy property against the rules. Earlier he had bought a house of 300-400 yards in Gammu Khan’s Hata. Which was cut and made 50-50 yard plots and earned money by selling them. During this Mukhtar Baba got many houses vacated with the help of D2 gang. The SBI officer had to lose his job in the mess. These officers are still in touch with Mukhtar Baba and often Baba wakes up in the sweets.

Took a loan of lakhs with the connivance of the bank

Similarly, Bank of Baroda had also given a loan of lakhs to Mukhtar Baba on enemy property from Beconganj without any investigation. On which ADM City issued a notice to the bank and answered the questions. Because enemy property cannot be bought and sold, nor can a loan be raised by making any contract with it. After Begumganj, Mukhtar Baba opened a Biryani shop in Swaroop Nagar, Jajmau. After this, took outlets in malls and gave franchises in Prayagraj, Lucknow and Varanasi.

Popularly known as Baba Biryani
Mukhtar opened a shop in the name of Baba Sweet House and his biryani became so successful that people started knowing him as Baba Biriyani. According to the police, Baba Sweet House is enemy property. When this matter came to the notice of Mukhtar, he funded Hayat in the Kanpur violence case to divert the attention of the people and the administration. It is said that the name of Baba Biryani is not only in the country but also abroad. People coming from outside, especially Baba used to reach here to eat biryani. Baba Biryani was also sent outside. The taste of Baba Biryani continued to speak loudly on the tongues of Bollywood stars who came to shoot in Kanpur and it was also included in the delicious dishes of big leaders and officials.

Accused of possession of enemy property
Mukhtar Baba has captured two enemy properties to be declared. Mukhtar has control over the Ram Janaki Mandir Trust located at Dr Beri Chauraha and Darul Maula on Nala Road. Mukhtar Baba has ended the existence of the temple itself. There are other shops running on it including Biryani. Efforts are on to declare the 99/14 Ram Janki Mandir and Darul Moula properties located on Nala Road as enemies. Both the properties are occupied by Mukhtar Baba, while Baba Biriyani has been occupied from all sides. The building of Darul Maula has also been sold to many people. Many people have been settled there and land has been given to many people on rent, while both the properties are constantly being heard on the instructions of the custodian.

Joint CP informed about the action

Joint CP Kanpur Anand Prakash Tiwari said that the SIT is doing its investigation. We had taken the main accused on remand, after which we are taking action on the basis of the evidence which has come before us. In the coming time, the remaining action will be taken according to the law to finish the investigation in the entire case quickly. He said that our team has arrested Mukhtar Baba. In the context of the discussion, to know the answers to many questions, they have to be cross-examined. Will act as the court orders.

Mukhtar Baba is the main name of the people who funded behind Hayat Zafar Hashmi, the mastermind of Kanpur violence. Mukhtar Baba belonged to a very small family. Mukhtar Baba, who once punctured the cycle in front of the temple Ram Janaki Trust, became a millionaire. In five decades, he earned a lot of wealth. In 1978, Mukhtar Baba’s father got the Ramjanki Trust done in the name of his wife. In the case of enemy property, there is a disputed place where it was occupied by buying it at throwaway price. According to the news, after financing the people of the underworld, there used to be planning and meeting of all the intrigues sitting in Baba Biriyani’s shop.

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