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UP News: Knowing the pain of the victim Dalit woman...

UP News: Knowing the pain of the victim Dalit woman living in Garthwalia village of Dhanghata police station area of ​​Sant Kabirnagar district, you will also start cursing the system. In the past, after registering a case against those who forcibly took away many items including DJ sound from the woman’s house, when the police did not take any action against the accused, the victim got upset and decided to meet SP Sonam Kumar. The victim’s heart was in the heart of demanding action against the accused, but she did not have her own means to travel from Dhanghata to the district headquarters distance of about 30 kms. Along with this, the woman did not even have the necessary money to catch the passenger car.

Therefore, under compulsion, the woman decided to walk. Early in the morning, after walking from his house, Garthwalia reached the SP office at 11 am. The victim, while expressing her pain, said that the accused are constantly threatening her to make reconciliation. The victim said that she has come to the SP Sonam Kumar on foot. He has full faith in SP Sonam Kumar. SP Sonam Kumar will definitely do justice to me.

The incident happened on June 20
According to the victim Sangeeta, on June 20, 2022 at 7 in the morning, Manju wife Rajman, Seema Devi wife Chandra Bhushan, Naina daughter Rajman, Nikhil son Rajman, Nandani daughter Chandra Bhushan, Chandra Bhushan son Bipat removed bricks, fan and more from her house. The DJs were stealing the sound. On refusing, they all took away all the items of the house abusing casteist. On protesting, Prakash’s son Tilaku, Balindra’s son Naresh, Rampreet’s son Brijmohan, Suraj-Shivam’s son Rampreet, Imirita’s wife Rampreet, Indresh-Jhinku’s son Brijmohan fought together and there was a threat of life if they complained to the police.

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Police had registered a case on the complaint of the victim
A case was registered against the accused in various sections including SC / ST in Mukami police station. When the police could not arrest the accused for a long time, the victim made several rounds of the Dhanghata police station demanding the arrest of all of them. But here he was not heard. When the Dhanghata police did not take any action against the accused, the victim walked 30 km to the SP to seek justice and demanded action against the accused from the SP Sonam Kumar. On the whole, SP Sonam Kumar said that on the complaint of the victim, we have directed the CO for necessary action, soon action will be taken against the accused.

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