Urfi Javed Molester Arrested Actress Says Thanks To Mumbai Police

Urfi Javed Molester Arrested : TV actress and internet sensation...

Urfi Javed Molester Arrested : TV actress and internet sensation Urfi Javed has informed that the person who blackmailed her has been arrested. Urfi has informed the fans about this by sharing a post on his Instagram story. Actually, a few days ago the actress shared a post on her Instagram. Through that post, Urfi had complained against a person who was harassing her for a long time. Urfi had also shared screenshots of his chat with the man in which he was insisting on having sex (cyber rape) with the actress on a video call and the actress was not at all agreeing to do so.

Urfi thanks Mumbai Police
Along with the screenshot, Urfi had also told in the caption that she has complained about this matter to the Mumbai Police, but the police has not taken any action till now. But now finally posting on Instagram proved to be beneficial for Urfi and the police took immediate action and arrested the person. While sharing the photo of his Instagram person, Urfi wrote, ‘Good news! This molester is now behind bars.

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