US Constitutional Right To Abortion Ends Trump Praises Supreme Court’s Decision | Abortion Rights: Trump appreciated the Supreme Court’s decision ending the constitutional right to abortion in America, said

Abortion Rights: Former US President Donald Trump on Friday supported...

Abortion Rights: Former US President Donald Trump on Friday supported the Supreme Court’s decision to abolish abortion rights. He said, “God made the decision.” The US Supreme Court, in its order on Friday, reversed the decision given in the Roe vs. Wade case 50 years ago that guaranteed abortion across the country. According to this decision of the Supreme Court, the legality of abortion and all the questions related to it will now depend on different states of America.

Trump told Fox News after the decision that individual states should be allowed to make abortion their own rules. Significantly, after the decision of the Supreme Court, many states of America can ban abortion. Some states have even imposed state restrictions.

Did Trump play any role,
When asked whether he believed he played a role in the decision, Trump said, “God made the decision.” Let us tell you that Trump appointed three conservative judges to the court while in the presidency.

However, shortly after, the 45th President of America took credit for this decision. He said, “Today’s decision, which is the greatest victory for life in a generation… It was only possible because I kept what I promised, which included the nomination of three highly respected and strong constitutionalists to the United States Supreme Court.” and appointment is involved.” He said in a statement.

The three judges who gave the verdict were appointed during Trump’s tenure.
Trump’s four-year tenure saw the appointment of three justices, which tilted the balance of the Supreme Court towards its current conservative majority. Among those appointees were Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, all of whom signed off on Friday’s majority decision.

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