US President Joe Biden Says Poland Blast May Not Be From Russian Missile In G20 Emergency Meet | Tension rising due to missile attack in Poland! Biden said

Russia-Ukraine War: US President Joe Biden called an emergency meeting...

Russia-Ukraine War: US President Joe Biden called an emergency meeting regarding the fall of Poland Missile Blast in NATO member country Poland, after which his statement has come to the fore. Biden says the United States and its NATO allies are investigating the explosion in Poland, but preliminary information suggests it may not have been caused by a missile fired from Russia.

According to reports, the deadly explosion took place in Przewodów, a village in eastern Poland near the border with Ukraine. As soon as it became known, Biden held an emergency meeting after world leaders gathered for the G-20 meeting in Bali, Indonesia. Ukrainian and Polish officials said two people died in the attack. When the US President was asked whether it was too early to say that Russia fired a missile, Biden said that it was said only as a suggestion. Right now the investigation is going on in the matter.

‘Trying to make things worse’

It is reported that this missile has come from Russia but still it is not clear what has actually happened. Russia has also rejected the claim that the missile came from its side. Russia said in a statement that this is an attempt to further worsen the situation and deliberately provoke. America says that investigation is going on in the matter.

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G7 and NATO are giving full cooperation in the investigation

At the same time, a statement issued by the G7 and NATO said, “We have discussed the blast in Poland. We are offering Poland full cooperation in its investigation. Will be in close contact with.” Earlier in the case, America had said that it stands completely with Poland.

rising tension

Since this attack, the tension between the Ukraine war seems to be increasing further. Poland army is on high alert after the death of two people due to Russian missile fall. On Tuesday, the Russian army launched a missile attack targeting several cities of Ukraine. In this, several missiles were fired on the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Liv and Polteva, the capital of Ukraine. It is believed that in this attack, some Russian missiles fell in Poland near the Ukraine border.

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