US Russia Tensions May Increase Further US Senate Approves Inclusion Of Finland And Sweden In NATO

NATO Membership Process: The US Senate on Wednesday 3 August...

NATO Membership Process: The US Senate on Wednesday 3 August approved the entry of Sweden and Finland into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The Senate voted 95-1 in favor of the two Nordic countries. The United States has become the 23rd country out of 30 NATO countries to formally allow these two countries to join NATO. Earlier, Italy approved on Wednesday and France on Tuesday. This move of the US could further worsen its relations with Russia. Let us tell you that Russia had warned that if the two countries join the alliance then Moscow would be forced to take retaliatory steps. Moscow-Washington relations are in a tense phase due to the Russian attack on Ukraine.

The only Republican to oppose the resolution was Josh Hawley, who argued that the US should focus on defending its homeland and that Washington should focus on the challenge from China rather than Europe. One senator, Republican Rand Paul, voted “Present” instead of supporting or opposing the motion.

Let us tell you that the approval of all 30 members of NATO is necessary for Sweden and Finland because NATO takes decisions by consensus. Each of its 30 member states has veto power in the matter of membership.

According to the NATO list, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey have yet to formally sign their entry. has not given consent.

Turkey has put a condition for support
Only Turkey has posed a challenge, stipulating some conditions to support its membership from Finland and Sweden. In return for its support, Ankara has demanded the extradition of dozens of government opponents from both countries, whom it calls “terrorists”.

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