Uttar Pradesh Hospital Denied Ambulance Father Carried Son Body On Shoulder In Prayagraj

Uttar Pradesh News: An incident that shames humanity has come...

Uttar Pradesh News: An incident that shames humanity has come to light in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Where the helpless father was forced to walk for several kilometers carrying the son’s body on his shoulder amid heavy rain due to non-availability of ambulance from the hospital. After the video of this incident went viral on social media, there has been a stir among the officials.

Let us tell you that the victim Bajrangi Yadav’s son Shubham was admitted to the hospital after being electrocuted where he died during treatment. The victim’s father told that he had approached the hospital staff for an ambulance, then they demanded money instead, which he was not able to pay.

Army soldiers helped

After not getting an ambulance from the hospital, the helpless father left for home carrying his son’s body on his shoulders. Near the new bridge, two kilometers from the hospital, he found some army men who helped him get an ambulance. With the help of the army, the father brought his son’s body to his village.

There was a stir among the officials

Let us tell you that after the video of this incident which shamed humanity went viral on social media, the hands and feet of the officials have swelled. All the officials related to this matter are busy in getting rid of them. At the same time, after this shameful incident, Dr. Ajay Saxena, Principal Superintendent of Swarooprani Nehru Hospital, gave his reaction and said that the hospital administration has nothing to do with this incident.

At the same time, the CMO has ordered an inquiry into the matter. In this case, the matter of negligence of the policemen who conducted the post-mortem of the dead body is also coming to the fore. Regarding this incident, the Police Commissioner said that the matter is being investigated and if anyone is found guilty in the investigation, then strictest action will be taken against him.

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