Uttar Pradesh Pratapgarh Innocent Raped And Then Now Court Sentenced Life Imprisonment Till Death In Just 21 Days Ann

UP News: In Pratapgarh, the accused of rape has been...

UP News: In Pratapgarh, the accused of rape has been sentenced to life imprisonment till death in a hearing of just twenty one days. Here, Special Judge Posco Pankaj Srivastava sentenced the sentence on the plea of ​​Special Assistant Public Prosecutor Devesh Chandra Tripathi. Along with the court, the police have also played an important role in this historic decision. Due to which the accused of this case could be brought to its end in such a short time.

In this case, Devesh Chandra Tripathi told that the incident is of June 3. The accused of rape here is forty-year-old Raj Kumar Maurya alias Khutani. He reached the lawyer’s house, living in the city Kotwali area, to plead his case. When asked about the advocate, the advocate’s eleven-year-old daughter told that the parents are not at home. After this the intention of the rapist got spoiled. By then the eight-year-old younger brother of the innocent was also seen. Which the rapist locked in the kitchen. Made the innocent victim of his lust.

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On reaching the family home, the innocent victim narrated the whole ordeal. After which the family reached Kotwali Nagar and filed a named case. After getting the innocent medical done, the police arrested the rapist and sent him to jail. Since it was a lawyer’s case, the police soon completed the investigation and filed a charge sheet in the court and a speedy hearing took place.

At the same time, after the testimony, on the twenty-fourth, the court found the rapist guilty and pronounced the verdict on the twenty-fifth. Referring to the bravery of the innocent, in the judgment, it was written that the innocent bravely narrated the whole incident in front of the court. At that time the innocent kept crying but did not lose courage. It is said that the rapist often had to go home, due to which the innocent used to recognize him. Due to which the identity of the rapist was easily revealed.

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