Uttar Pradesh UP Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak Will Talk To Ten Patients Admitted In Hospitals Every Week Ann

He has also started the work of communicating with patients....

He has also started the work of communicating with patients. He also showed the video of conversation with patients and their relatives by holding a press conference in Lucknow. In which he was seen asking different types of questions to the people. You don’t have any problem. The doctor comes to see you. The nurses are taking care of you. No one has asked you for money. Medicines are available in the hospital. In response to this question, a patient said that he had to take medicine from outside, then the Deputy CM asked, “Why did this happen? Name that medicine

Deputy CM became strict as soon as he took oath
Brajesh Pathak started visiting hospitals and health centers as soon as he became the Deputy CM in Yogi Sarkar Part-2. For this, they used to reach surprise inspection without informing them. By becoming a patient himself, he used to make slips in the hospital and then the process of talking to people would start. The doctors come or not. medicine is available or not. Does the machine work in the hospital or has to be tested from outside. In many places, he found many types of errors. Somewhere the doctor is missing and somewhere the nurse.

Brajesh Pathak caught expired medicines worth 16 crores
In Lucknow, he caught the expired medicine worth 16 crores. These were medicines that were bought at government expense but not given to the patients. In this matter, Deputy CM Pathak has ordered an inquiry. From Lucknow to Noida and Varanasi, he made surprise inspections of hospitals and suggested necessary improvements. So far he has visited 43 hospitals.

Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak has said that now the mobile number of the patient who will be admitted to the hospital will be noted. A data of this will be created. After talking to these patients, according to the suggestions received from them, improvements will be made in the Health Department.

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