Uttarakhand A Part Of Badrinath Highway Merged In Pinder River In Karnprayag Ann

Karnaprayag News: Due to the increasing calamity in the mountains...

Karnaprayag News: Due to the increasing calamity in the mountains due to the rainy season, the common life has been disturbed. Due to the torrential rains last night, the river drain is in spate, then the Badrinath Highway, Karnaprayag area has become miserable due to the debris coming from the hill. A part of the National Highway near Karnprayag has become in a bad condition due to its merging in the Pindar river. The Deputy Collector, Karnprayag is also listening to the problems of the people by visiting the landslide-affected areas.

rain caused trouble on the mountains
In the mountains these days, rain is raining from the sky as a disaster, so the common life on earth is in trouble. Traveling on the roads in the midst of these troubles is not free from any danger. Badrinath Highway near Gauchar ITBP remained closed for two hours this morning due to heavy rain overnight. Later on the orders of the administration, the road was opened by the executing agency. Something similar is the situation near Panchpulia ahead of Karnprayag, due to the rainy drain coming on the road, there were so many potholes in the road that it became difficult for vehicles to pass from here.

A part of Badrinath Highway collapsed

Due to the collapse of a part of Badrinath Highway near Gandhinagar in Karnprayag, the road has become narrow, due to which movement here is not free from danger. Landslides are happening everywhere from Karnprayag to Langasu. Stones are falling on the highway. In view of the problems caused by this celestial disaster, Deputy Collector Karnprayag Santosh Kumar Pandey is also continuously visiting the disaster-affected areas. He said that wherever the information of landslides is coming, they themselves are reaching the spot and taking information about it.

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Administration engaged in fixing the way

The Deputy Collector said that a part of the National Highway has been broken in Karnprayag. Orders have been given to the executing agency to fix the road soon. The road construction agency is also engaged in repairing the road. Talking about this, the company’s project manager Ashutosh Bhatt said that due to heavy rains, the road is breaking from place to place, but our machines are standing in place to open the road. The traffic is completely smooth. The road is broken in Karnprayag, work is being done on a war footing to fix it.

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