Uttarakhand High Court Directed State Government Electric Crematorium In All Municipalities ANN | Uttarakhand High Court’s instructions to the government, said

Uttarakhand News: The Uttarakhand High Court has finally disposed of...

Uttarakhand News: The Uttarakhand High Court has finally disposed of all the 20 public interest litigations while hearing the Public Interest Litigations filed regarding different problems related to Corona. A bench of Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice RC Khulbe has directed the state government to establish an electric crematorium in all the municipal areas of the state within the next six months and submit the report every month to the court.

What was said in the petition
According to the case, Ishwar Chandra Verma, resident of Jwalapur Haridwar, filed a public interest litigation saying that adequate facilities were not available for cremation of dead bodies in Haridwar at the time of Corona, due to which the dead bodies were left half-burnt in the crematoriums. . An electric crematorium was set up 25 years ago by the Uttar Pradesh government in Kharkhari, Haridwar, to cremate the dead bodies, which has not been started till date.

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What did the cremation service committee worker say
Durgesh Panjwani, a worker of the cremation service committee, told the court that it costs 2500 to 3000 thousand rupees to perform cremation with wood, while the work is done in 500 with electric. Sometimes when the wood is not available, people throw the dead body in the river, due to which the environment is also being harmed. If an electric crematorium is operated, then it will take 500 rupees and an hour to cremate each dead body.

Panjwani had said that it takes three to three and a half hours to cremate a dead body with wood. The petitioner has requested the court in a public interest litigation that at least one electric crematorium should be built in the vicinity of all the municipalities of the state. The court has given this order today.

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