Uttarakhand News Revenue Property Department Is Preparing To Vacate The Bungalows From The Leaders ANN | Uttarakhand News: Revenue department is preparing to vacate the bungalows from the leaders, know

Uttarakhand News: Even after the elections are over in Uttarakhand,...

Uttarakhand News: Even after the elections are over in Uttarakhand, the state property department is preparing to vacate the houses from the politicians occupied in government bungalows. In fact, after the completion of the elections, there is still a camp of leaders in the government bungalows. These leaders have also refused the request made on behalf of the state property. At the same time, there is so much fascination for government bungalows that till now the name of leaving them is not being taken.

What is the whole matter?
Be it MLA hostel or government residence in Yamuna Colony, be it BJP or Congress, leaders of both the parties are camping in government bungalows. MLAs are given rooms in the MLA Hostel, whereas even after the formation of the new government, former Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has not left his MLA Hostel room number 66. The information is such that relatives of Trivendra Singh Rawat are camping in that room. Along with this, many times the room is not being vacated even after speaking by the State Property Department. Also, if we talk about Yamuna Colony, then former state president Pritam Singh is also not behind in taking possession of the government residence.

Former cabinet minister Swami Yatiswaranand is also occupying the residence in Yamuna Colony itself. Presently Swami Yatiswaranand is neither an MLA nor is posted on any responsibility of the government but has asserted his right in a stubborn manner. This is not the first issue in Uttarakhand that leaders have left their bungalows when the government changed or after the elections were over. Every time the State Property Department has to do the same struggle and this time too the department is busy trying to vacate the bungalows. Therefore, the fascination of bungalows is such that in all facilities and living, better affordable government bungalows come. This is the reason that the fascination of the government bungalows of the leader of Uttarakhand does not seem to be ending.

The officials of the State Property Department made several requests to vacate the rooms but till now no result has come out. The process for 15 days to 3 months is to vacate the room, after which the rent is charged according to the market value. But it has been more than 3 months since the government was formed for the leaders living in all these rooms, even after which the rooms have not been vacated.

Leaders have got these bungalows
In Yamuna Colony, Congress leader of opposition and state president Pritam Singh was already living in the bungalow, but after removing many responsibilities, he is now a Congress MLA, but on the basis of his application, the government again issued the same residence to him. Let us know which bungalows have been allotted to the leaders by the government.

In Yamuna Colony, R-2 Cabinet Minister Premchand Agrawal, R-3 Cabinet Minister Subodh Uniyal, R-4 Cabinet Minister Chandan Ram Das, R-6- Cabinet Minister Dhan Singh Rawat, R-7 Forest Corporation Chairman Kailash Gahatodi (Ministerial Level) , R-8- Cabinet Minister Saurabh Bahuguna, R-9- State BJP President Madan Kaushik, H-10-11-Cabinet Minister Rekha Arya, A-1-Finance Commission Uttarakhand, A-2 Congress MLA Pritam Singh, A-3 – State Congress President Karan Mahra, A-4- Former Cabinet Minister Swami Yatishwaranand, 17- Cabinet Minister Ganesh Joshi (Kent Road)17-A, Leader of Opposition – Yashpal Arya (Kent Road), 17- Cabinet Minister Satpal Maharaj (Subhash Marg) ) have been found. Apart from this, there is room number 66 of former Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat in MLA Hostel which has not been vacated.

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