Uttarakhand News: Sex Ratio Increased In Pauri District, Know What Are The Figures Of Sons And Daughters Here Ann

Pauri News: The graph of sex ratio has increased in...

Pauri News: The graph of sex ratio has increased in Pauri district this year, where 952 daughters were born against 1000 sons, showing this data that there is no longer any discrimination between son and daughter in the district. Actually, in the year 2019-20, the figure in the district was 950 daughters born against 1000 sons, but in the year 2021-22, this figure has jumped and this figure has now reached 952 against 1000 in the district. At the same time, there are 4 development blocks of the district in which the national average figure has faded due to more births of daughters, in these 4 blocks, the sex ratio of daughters has been overestimated.

In which this figure is highest in Yamkeshwar, against 1000 sons, 1214 daughters have been born this time. Whereas in the same way, 1093 daughters were born in Pauri, 1085 in Akeshwar and 1046 in Rikhnikhal block, as against 1000 sons, these 4 blocks of the district have easily outperformed the national average.

The district made an unprecedented jump in the sex ratio
The District Magistrate said that the team of health department and district administration were also constantly keeping an eye on ultrasound centers so that crimes like female foeticide do not take place, while public awareness is also being affected in rural areas. The increased sex ratio of daughters in the district has taken a leap.

The District Magistrate said that the district administration teams are constantly keeping their eyes on the ultrasound center so that serious crimes like female feticide can be stopped while public awareness programs are also going on continuously in the district.

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