VIDEO: Farmer father is fulfilling the dream of cricketer son by selling land, got the pitch prepared in the courtyard of the house for practice

Saharsa: What a father does or doesn't do to fulfill...

Saharsa: What a father does or doesn’t do to fulfill his son’s dream. In Bihar, a father is selling his ancestral land to fulfill his son’s dream. His son wants to become a cricketer. In order to avoid any problem in practice, the father got the pitch made in the courtyard of his house. Now he is doing practice there everyday.   

The case is of Sahuria village of Saurabazar police station area of ​​Saharsa district of Bihar. Ramchandra Yadav, a farmer by profession, wants to make his son Atul a cricketer. Atul got a pitch made in the courtyard so that there is no problem in practice. Atul now practices ‍t‍t‍ Apart from this, his father spends 10 to 15 thousand rupees every month on Atul’s training. Ramchandra Yadav is meeting this expenditure by selling the land. Ramchandra Yadav says that he wants to see his son playing in the Indian team, for this he is providing facilities to every possible son.

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Atul’s love for cricket since childhood 

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