Pakistani bridge collapsed: The historic Hasanabad Bridge in Pakistan collapsed on Saturday when a glacial flood released large amounts of water into a stream. According to the Independent, the bridge in the Gilgit-Baltistan region was washed away by flood waters, trapping thousands of locals and tourists. There was no immediate report of any injuries.

A video shared by Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Climate Change and Senator Sherry Rehman shows dramatic scenes of bridges collapsing and falling as water levels rise. In the caption, Rahman informed that the bridge on the Karakoram Highway collapsed due to the melting of the Shispar Glacier located near Mount Shispar in the northern part of Pakistan.

It is seen in the video that the stream of water hits the concrete of the historic bridge, causing it to collapse. After the incident, the local police diverted traffic to an alternate route and stopped heavy transport vehicles, the Independent reported.

In addition, officials reportedly also reported that glacial floods also washed away two hydropower projects, submerged houses, agricultural land and water supply channels. Now, the local authorities have said that a temporary bridge will be set up soon to restore the movement of traffic.

Meanwhile, it is to be mentioned that this year Pakistan has recorded its hottest April in decades, with Jacobabad touching 49 degrees. In his Twitter thread, Rehman has warned that many areas of Pakistan are in the grip of rising heat. He wrote on social media, “Pakistan has the largest number of glaciers outside the polar region and the mass of many glaciers is decreasing due to high global temperatures.”

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