Russia Ukraine War: Ukraine’s Bayraktar TB-2 drones are causing serious damage to Russia’s armed forces. A video going viral on Twitter and other social media platforms shows a satellite-controlled drone destroying a Russian Mi-8 helicopter while it was landing troops on Snake Island.

The strategically important island in the Black Sea is occupied by Russian forces, but in recent weeks, Ukraine has significantly intensified its air campaign to target enemy forces. Ukraine’s weapons tracker posted black and white footage of a Russian military helicopter being shot down on Twitter on Sunday.

Aerial footage captured shows Russian soldiers leaving the helicopter, and seconds later, the drone drops its weapons on the helicopter. In the video, smoke is seen coming out of the helicopter as the drone moves away from Snake Island. There is no date on the video and it is not clear whether there were any casualties or injuries from the blast.

Ukraine’s weapons tracker has also released another video in which Ukrainian Air Force planes are seen attacking Russian targets. Ukraine’s weapons tracker tweeted, “Ukrainian Air Force still alive – here are two Ukrainian Su-27s attacking Russian bases in remarkable footage filmed by TB-2 drones on the famous Snack Island in the Black Sea. “

Just three weeks ago, Russia lost its largest warship and an asset of the Black Sea Fleet ‘Moskva’ in a Ukrainian missile attack near Snake Island. It is 80 miles south of Ukraine’s strategic Odessa port.

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