Viral Video Couple Made Racist Remarks While Sitting In US Cab Driver Said Get Off The Car | Viral Video: Couple made racist remarks while sitting in American cab, driver said

Viral Video: A video of a cab driver in the...

Viral Video: A video of a cab driver in the US ejecting a couple from the car is going viral on social media after the woman made racist remarks. Driver James Bode recorded the conversation with a camera mounted on his dashboard. The incident took place outside Fossil’s Last Stand bar in Pennsylvania. The couple who came under the scanner is said to be the owner of the bar. In the video clip, we see James Bode greeting his passengers and moments later we see a woman entering the cab, whose name is being told as Jackie. The woman says, “Wow, you’re like a white person.” To this Mr Bode asks, “Excuse me, what is that?”

The woman then tries to calm the rapidly changing atmosphere by laughing and patting the driver’s shoulder. But Bode doesn’t like it and tells Jackie to “get out of the car”. Bode says, “It’s unfair, it’s totally unfair. If there’s no White sitting on this seat, what difference does it make?”

Jackie then confirms with Bode whether he is seriously asking her to leave the cab. Meanwhile, the person accompanying Jackie starts abusing and threatening Mr. Bode. Bode calls him a racist. On his Facebook page, Bode has uploaded the entire conversation and wrote that he has filed a police report, but he is not sure if anything will come of it.

People are praising Bode
A report in The Morning Call states that the bar owner has shut down the bar’s website and Facebook page. At the same time, many people on social media platforms have praised James Bode for taking a stand.

“Thank you, James. We need more people like you in this world.” wrote one person. Another wrote, “James, we love you. What courage Thank you for standing up for all of humanity.”

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