Vitamin For Beauty Vitamin A And E In Food And Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin A And E In Food: Vitamins are also needed...

Vitamin A And E In Food: Vitamins are also needed to have a healthy and beautiful body. There are many vitamins that slow down the pace of your age. By consuming them the body becomes beautiful and healthy. These vitamins are necessary to take care of hair to skin. Two such vitamins are Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Vitamin E makes the skin and hair beautiful. Similarly, Vitamin A is very important to make the body healthy. Vitamin A is rich in antioxidants. Which protect the cells from getting damaged. Vitamin A is essential for eyesight, strong bones, skin and cells. You can fulfill the deficiency of Vitamin A and Vitamin E with these things.

Vitamin A rich diet

1- Carrot- Carrots are considered to be the biggest source of Vitamin A. In case of eye problems, doctors recommend eating carrots. Your daily vitamin A deficiency can be met by eating a bowl of carrots daily.

2- Tomato- Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants. Vitamin A is also found in abundance in it. Tomato is a good source of Vitamin C. Tomatoes contain chromium, which controls the blood sugar level in the body.

3- Sweet potato- Sweet potato is as delicious as it is beneficial for health. Vitamin A is found in abundance in sweet potatoes. It is especially rich in orange colored sweet potatoes.

4- Pumpkin- Pumpkin has many benefits. Pumpkin mainly contains beta carotene, which provides vitamin A. You can also use pumpkin seeds. Kaddi curry is made in most of the homes.

5- Milk- Milk is considered a complete food. Milk is also rich in Vitamin A. Drinking milk helps in the development of bones. Milk also helps in increasing the cells.

Vitamin E rich diet

1- Almond- To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin E, you must include almonds in your diet. Almonds are very beneficial for health. Almonds are considered a rich source of Vitamin E.

2- Sunflower seeds- Sunflower seeds help in meeting the deficiency of Vitamin E. These are considered quite healthy. Many types of nutrients are found in sunflower seeds. Digestive system remains active by eating it. You can also eat sunflower oil.

3- Avocado- Avocado is a fruit that is rich in nutrients. In this you get a good amount of vitamin E. Vitamin-C is also rich in avocado, which also helps in digestion.

4- Olive- Vitamin E is also available from olives. You can use olives in any way in salad or food. You can cook food and vegetables in olive oil. Olive is very much liked in terms of taste and health.

5- Peanuts and soybeans- Soybeans and peanuts are also good sources of vitamin E. You can include them in your diet. If you want, you can also use soybean oil and peanut butter.

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