Vitamin K Rich Natural Food Deficiency Symptoms And Benefits

Vitamin K In Food: The body remains healthy by taking...

Vitamin K In Food: The body remains healthy by taking a diet rich in vitamins. Vitamin K is also included in the essential vitamins to keep the body healthy. Vitamin K strengthens our immunity. Vitamin K is also necessary to maintain the elastic fiber of the heart and lung muscles. Many people may not even be aware of the foods rich in Vitamin K. Let us know in which foods vitamin K is found.

natural sources of vitamin k
1- Green vegetables- You get vitamin K from green leafy vegetables. You can include greens, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, beans, bathua, fenugreek and other leafy vegetables in the food.
2- Dairy products- Foods rich in vitamin K also include dairy products. For this you can consume things like milk, curd, cheese, butter.
3- Fruits- Vitamins are mostly found in fruits. You can consume pomegranate, apple, beetroot to meet the deficiency of vitamin K.
4- Fish and egg- Eggs and fish provide many vitamins and minerals to the body. Vitamin K deficiency is also fulfilled by consuming them. Vitamin K is also found in fish, pork and eggs.
5- Turnip and Beet- You also get vitamin K in turnips and beetroot. Turnip is very beneficial for eyes and bones. Vitamin A and vitamin K are found in both turnips and beets.

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