Vladimir Putin Grabbed Chair Tightly Started Patting Feet Questions Raised About His Health

Vladimir Putin Health Issues: In the midst of the war...

Vladimir Putin Health Issues: In the midst of the war with Ukraine, questions are constantly being raised about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin. By looking at his videos and pictures, it is being inferred that he is suffering from one or the other health problem. Talking about the latest signs, he was meeting the President of Cuba and during that time he was holding his chair very tightly and was repeatedly moving his legs here and there.

According to a report published on media outlet DailyMail, Cuban President and Communist Party leader Miguel Díaz-Canel met the Russian President on Tuesday, a video of which also surfaced. The footage shows the Russian president sitting awkwardly in his chair. Although Putin’s public appearances are overseen by Kremlin propagandists, the 70-year-old is believed to be suffering from health problems. This has happened on many occasions this year.

Caught the chair tightly, legs started rotating, looked uncomfortable

A bloated face, Putin smiles awkwardly as he talks with Diaz-Canel in front of a marble fireplace in Moscow. His left hand was seen wrapped tightly around the arm of the white chair on which he is sitting. As if Putin is trying to stabilize himself. Putin’s right hand appears to be flirting with something and then he taps his feet and starts rolling them on the flowery carpet.

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Does Putin have cancer?

In the past also, many types of news were going on regarding the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In some media reports, the apprehension was also expressed that Putin might be suffering from cancer. At the same time, some observers revealed on social media that Putin has strange ‘marks’ and ‘colors’ on his hands. These marks show that he is suffering from some kind of disease.

Cancer claims in US intelligence report

An American intelligence report also came out in June, which said that Vladimir Putin’s health is bad and he is being treated for cancer. An official in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence was quoted as saying, “Whether he is going to die soon is just speculation. Putin is definitely ill.”

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