Watch Womans Mid-Flight Act To Get Back To Her Window Seat Leaves Internet Divided

Social Media Video: When the plane is flying and you...

Social Media Video: When the plane is flying and you are sitting motionless, how would you feel if a passenger suddenly climbs over you and leaves? Video of one such woman is going viral on social media. In the middle of the flying flight, these lovers stepped out of the passengers to sit on their window seat. Not only this, after this, online etiquette discussion started on the social site on the video of a woman holding her.

A Twitter user named Brandon shot this video during the flying flight and shared it on social media with his Twitter handle. In this video, an unidentified woman is seen moving towards her window seat while climbing on top of other passengers sitting on the flight. A small child is also visible in the lap of one of the passengers over whom these charms pass. To go to his window seat, these lovers did all this. All the three passengers on whom she came out with her feet were awake and if she had told them that they had to leave, they could have given her way. But according to a social media post, the woman said the three passengers were awake and may have stood up and walked down the aisle to make way for her. However, according to a social media post, the woman decided to board the other passengers for the “full seven-hour flight”.

A shower of comments as soon as the video came on social media
As soon as this video was shared by a user named Brandon on social media, immediately the comments started pouring in on this video. At the same time, some other Internet users had to say. It would have been better to ask this woman to move a little ahead of the hitchhikers, it was a better option than to jump on someone. At the same time, some internet users reprimanded this woman for her actions and also raised the question that how clean was your behavior?

If someone is scolding the woman, then someone else is commenting
While some Internet users believed that it was a good option to ask people to move on, others reprimanded the woman for her lack of etiquette. ) and questioned how hygienic it was, especially if she had just returned using the toilet and was stepping on her armrest. At the same time, another user wrote, wait, she could not walk again? Where is the Flight Attendant? Nobody told him!? This video had been viewed more than 6000 times till the time of writing this news.

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