What Are The Benefits Of Taking Health Insurance Why Is It Important

Health Insurance: Corona Pandemic in the country has completely changed...

Health Insurance: Corona Pandemic in the country has completely changed the thinking of the common man. Before Corona, people were not health conscious, but now everyone is definitely planning about health insurance. Let us tell you that during the Corona period, people spent lakhs of rupees in hospitals and could not save the member of their household. Such a painful environment has forced him to think for health. After which there has been an increase in awareness among people about buying health insurance. Along with this, the government is also engaged in continuously promoting health insurance by giving income tax deduction facility.

what is health insurance
Health insurance is a very important necessity of your life today. In this, you can claim for your medical and surgical expenses. Simply put, the cost of hospitalization and medicines will not be out of your pocket. The insurance company will pay this entire cost according to your policy.

works like this
Generally, insurance companies have tie-ups with major hospitals, so that you can get cashless treatment easily. If that insurance company does not have any agreement with the hospital, then it reimburses the policyholder on the basis of bills incurred by him on the treatment.

why is it necessary
If you are a health insurance holder, you can take cashless treatment, whereas the insurance policy covers pre and post hospitalization charges for a period of 60 days depending on the insurance plans purchased. The amount of ambulance for the transportation of the insured is also covered in this. The premium paid for this is tax deductible under section 80D of the Income Tax Act. The insurance policy also provides the facility of health check-up.

How to choose insurance
While taking health insurance, you should take a policy that covers your entire family. You must check the claim settlement ratio. Calculate both cashless payment and reimbursement by thoroughly checking the list of network hospitals given in the policy.

Must be this document
While taking health insurance, you must have Identity proof, Address proof and Age proof, Passport size photo. You can take Individual or Family Insurance from you. Apart from this, for senior citizens, one can take a policy for surgery and other critical diseases.

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