What Is The Meaning Of Victory Or Defeat In Rajinder Nagar Elections For AAP, What Will Be Its Effect On The Power Of Delhi? Know

Rajinder Nagar Election: On Thursday, the election for Rajendra Nagar...

Rajinder Nagar Election: On Thursday, the election for Rajendra Nagar seat was completed peacefully. The real contest on the seat was between AAP and BJP. Although it will not be easy for BJP to defeat Aam Aadmi Party in this seat, but if you lose on this seat, then its political meaning will be very big.

If Kejriwal wins the election, it will not be discussed much, because usually the results of the by-elections come in favor of the ruling party, but if AAP’s candidate Durgesh Pathak is defeated in this seat, then there is a need to expand the party in the whole country. It will become a little difficult for Kejriwal, who is planning to do so. Let us know what will happen to the politics of Delhi with the defeat or victory of AAP.

Kejriwal’s expansion plan may face setback
Actually CM Kejriwal is busy in expanding the party. After Punjab, Kejriwal’s eyes are now on Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. In such a situation, if the AAP candidate is defeated, then he will have to shift his focus from Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat and focus again on Delhi.

Problems must be solved
Actually BJP has contested the elections in Rajendra Nagar by making development an issue. The BJP had raised the issue of poor condition of electricity, water, roads during the election campaign. During his roadshow in Rajendra Nagar, Kejriwal openly admitted that there is a water problem in the area. He also said that he will try to remove it as soon as possible.

BJP will dominate
BJP, which has been away from power in Delhi for a long time, will become more attacker on AAP if it wins Rajendra Nagar seat and it will try to express this victory in the form of anger against AAP among the people of Delhi.

On the other hand, if AAP wins the election on this seat, it will present it as public support to the work of the Delhi government. With this victory, Kejriwal will be able to silence his critics. Not only this, he will also be able to focus on the expansion plan of the party with more confidence. Let us tell you that in the last two elections, AAP has won the Rajendra Nagar seat.

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