Wheat Ban Is Affecting Transport And Shipping Business In Gujarat

Wheat Export Ban: The decision of the Central Government to...

Wheat Export Ban: The decision of the Central Government to ban the export of wheat has had a huge impact on the transport and shipping business. In Kandla-Gandhidham, the transport industry is losing Rs 3 crore a day as over 5,000 trucks laden with wheat are stranded and unable to unload and exporters are not taking calls.

Trouble over ban on export of wheat in Gandhidham, Gujarat
Satveer Singh Lohan, secretary of Gandhidham Goods Transport Association, said that not a single godown is empty. Due to this the wheat sent for export is lying in trucks and around 5,000 to 6,000 trucks are waiting outside Kandla ports in Gandhidham. If the daily waiting charges are added, the truck owners are losing at least Rs 3 crore.

Export parties stop taking transporters’ calls
Lohan questioned that the tragedy of the transporters is that the export parties have stopped taking the calls of the transporters. This has created a dilemma in the minds of the transporters whether they will pay the waiting fee or not and if the exporters do not return the goods, who will pay the transport charges and what will happen to the wheat stock. According to Lohan’s information, the Deendayal Port Authority (Kandla Port) has asked seven ships to evacuate the jetty and return to the deep sea. They are not allowed to load wheat. Port Authority’s traffic manager GRV Prasad Rao did not respond to questions.

About 2.5 to 3 lakh metric tonnes of wheat stuck in stranded trucks alone
Rakesh Gurjar of Customs Broker GS Infra Port estimates that around 2.5 to 3 lakh metric tonnes of wheat are stuck in stranded trucks alone, if the warehouse stock is to be reckoned, it may reach 15 to 20 lakh metric tonnes. .

What Commodity Consultant Biren Vakil has to say
Commodity consultant Biren Vakil said, the situation will improve after clarification on the notification. This cannot be called a complete ban on the export of wheat. On the contrary it is channelized export, as the notification allows export to needy countries, but exporters have to take prior permission from the Government of India. He also believes that sooner or later the government will have to relax export norms, as wheat production is falling across the world, due to weather and less rainfall. Exports from Ukraine have declined, major countries will import wheat this year. The demand has to be met by the nation.

Why did India ban exports?
India has banned wheat exports with immediate effect, citing risks to food security, partly due to the war in Ukraine and hot air and domestic prices reaching record highs. is.

partial discount given yesterday
However, on Tuesday, the Center has announced some relaxation in the export of wheat. Now it has been decided that wherever a consignment of wheat has been handed over to Customs for examination and registered in their system on or before May 13, such consignments will be allowed to be exported.

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