Wheat Price In Different States Of India And Per Quintal Rate List Is Here

India Wheat Rate: The prices of wheat and flour are...

India Wheat Rate: The prices of wheat and flour are touching the sky in the country and due to this a new concern has come on the head of the government. To remove this concern and to provide relief from expensive wheat and flour on the citizens of the country, the Central Government has banned the export of wheat to India with immediate effect on May 13.

Although the price of flour and wheat continues to rise in the country and here we are telling you what is the price of wheat in different states and cities-

Uttar Pradesh Major market of wheat in aureya The price of wheat in Akalda is Rs 2070 per quintal i.e. Rs 20.70 per kg is here.

Uttar Pradesh Of akalda The minimum price of wheat in the market is Rs 1970 per quintal i.e. Rs 19.70 per kg.

Maharashtra in washed The maximum price of wheat in the mandi is Rs 2090 per quintal i.e. wheat is being available at the rate of Rs 20.90 per kg.

Maharashtra in Mumbai I am getting the maximum wheat price ranging from minimum Rs 2300 per quintal to Rs 3200 per quintal.

Gujarat Of Rajkot The minimum price of wheat in the mandi ranges from Rs 2165 per quintal to Rs 2375 per quintal i.e. the price of wheat ranges from Rs 21.65 per kg to Rs 23.75 per quintal.

Rajasthan famous of Bharatpur The price of wheat in the mandi ranges from Rs 1970 per quintal to Rs 2061 per quintal, i.e. Rs 19.70 per kg to Rs 20.61 per kg.

Haryana Of Sirsa The minimum price of wheat in the market ranges from Rs 1950 per quintal to Rs 2000 per quintal, which is going up to Rs 2035 per quintal maximum. That is, going from Rs 19.50-20 per kg to Rs 20.35 per kg.

Chhattisgarh Which is also called the bowl of rice, it is being known for cheap prices even for the price of wheat. Here quota In the local market, the minimum price of wheat is going from Rs 1700 per quintal to Rs 1900 per quintal. That is, wheat can be bought here from Rs 17 per quintal to Rs 19 per kg.

Punjab Of faridkot The average price of Rs 1975 per quintal in the district’s mandi, on the basis of which prices up to Rs 19.75 per kg are being seen for wheat.

West Bengal Of Rampurhat Prices ranging from Rs 1980 per quintal to Rs 2150 per quintal in the mandi are for wheat i.e. Rs 19.80 per kg to Rs 21.50 per kg have to be paid for wheat.

Madhya Pradesh Of fold For wheat, the price is being charged from Rs 1735 per quintal to Rs 2895 per quintal and accordingly, for at least 1 kg of wheat here, the price is Rs 17.35 to Rs 28.95 per kg.

Karnataka In wheat, the price ranges from Rs 1402 per quintal to Rs 1500 per quintal. Bellary Mandi are being viewed in. Accordingly, for one kg of wheat, prices ranging from Rs 14.02 to Rs 15 per kg have to be paid.

National Capital Delhi In Narela Mandi, wheat has to be paid from Rs 1866 per quintal to Rs 2182 per quintal. That is, from Rs 18.66 per kg to Rs 21.82 per kg have to be paid.

Why did India issue a ban on exports?
India has banned the export of wheat from May 13 as part of measures to control rising prices domestically. After this, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) said in a notification issued, “The export of wheat will be allowed for the consignment for which irrevocable letter of credit (LOC) has been issued on or before the date of this notification.”

The DGFT also clarified that export of wheat will be allowed on the basis of permission granted by the Government of India to other countries to meet their food security needs and based on the request of their governments. Significantly, India is the second largest producer of wheat in the world.

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