Why Muslims have taken to the streets in Dagestan against Russia, Putin’s statement sparked a spark

Dissolution of the Soviet Union
After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia was formed by merging 21 small republics. If Crimea is also added to this, now this number has increased to 22. One of these republics is Dagestan, which comes at number 8 on the Russian map. It is such a small country or a region that if you try to find it on the map of the world, then you will have to work very hard. Dagestan is a small country. Dagestan has the Caspian Sea on one side, Azerbaijan on the lower side and Georgia on the left and Chechnya on the top.

Long battle for separation from Russia 
Muslims of these areas, including Dagestan, have fought a long battle for separation from Russia. At the same time, Dagestan is also called the land of mountains, whose population is about 31 lakhs. Muslims constitute 87 percent of the entire population of Dagestan. But this time Dagestan’s fight with Russia is different, so it is important to know why the Muslims here are opposing the Russian Army and the police and President Putin? 

Putin’s order..
Actually, the reason behind the people of Dagestan protesting by taking to the streets is because Russia is forcibly using them. President Vladimir Putin has ordered the people of Russia to be used as a reserve force in the Ukraine war. Through this order, Putin is trying to give new strength to the weakening army in Ukraine. But this bet played by Russia seems to have backfired. 

An atmosphere of tension since 1990
It is worth noting that in the history of Dagestan, since 1990, an atmosphere of tension has been going on. The people here have always been staunch opponents of the Russian government. They believe that they are being targeted on the pretext of enlisting in the army. After Putin’s announcement, Muslims here are opposing the police, while many youths are also trying to flee to Georgia, so that the Russian army can not force the youth there to enlist in the army.

p style="text-align: justify;"Russia has set up a task force to stop such youths in Dagestan. This task force is forcibly stopping the Dagestani youth and videos of the same are going viral on social media. According to reports, around 100 people have been taken prisoner by the police so far. The protesting people are demanding their release too. 

Coffins full of corpses 
Let us tell that one reason behind this protest is that many young boys of Dagestan were recruited in the Russian army. But Putin’s opposition is growing when the coffins filled with his corpses are being returned to Dagestan during the Russo-Ukraine war. Women are taking to the streets raising slogans of no war. Despite the protests taking place in Dagestan, the Russian police are engaged in forcibly inducting them into the army. 

Russia-Ukraine’s horror
According to a claim, more than 30 thousand Ukrainian civilians have died in the Russo-Ukraine war, including more than 15 thousand Ukrainian soldiers. At the same time, more than 8 million people have migrated from Ukraine so far. Meanwhile, Ukraine claimed that more than 30 thousand Russian soldiers had been killed in this war, more than 40 thousand Russian soldiers had been captured. But in the midst of all this, Russia released the figure and confirmed the death of 1351 soldiers. 

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