Will The Outbreak Of Monkeypox Turn Into A Pandemic Know What The WHO Has To Say

Monkeypox Virus: The World Health Organization says that it does...

Monkeypox Virus: The World Health Organization says that it does not believe that an outbreak of monkeypox outside Africa will lead to a pandemic. According to Reuters, an official said on Monday, it is not clear whether infected people who are not displaying symptoms can transmit the disease. More than 300 suspected and confirmed cases of monkeypox have been reported in May. It is usually a mild illness that is spread by close contact, with flu-like symptoms and a characteristic rash. Most cases of monkeypox have occurred in Europe, rather than in Central and West African countries where the virus is endemic. No death has been reported so far.

What is monkeypox?
Monkeypox is a virus similar to chickenpox but it has a different viral infection. It was first found in a monkey imprisoned in 1958. In the year 1970, it was found for the first time in a human. This virus is mainly found in the rain forest areas of Central and West Africa.

How does infection spread
Monkeypox is spread by coming in contact with an infected person or animal or by coming in contact with them in some way. This virus enters the body through the eyes, nose, ears and mouth while coming out of the patient’s wound. Apart from this, the fear of spreading this virus also remains due to the bites of animals like monkeys, rats and squirrels. Apart from this, this virus can also spread through sexual contact. The World Health Organization says that it is also investigating many cases related to homosexual people. It is said that this virus is less deadly than smallpox.

What are the symptoms of this infection
In monkeypox, it usually knocks in the body through fever, rash and lump. This can lead to many types of medical problems. Symptoms related to this disease appear for 2 to 4 weeks. It is said that they go away on their own. Although sometimes the matter can be serious.

How can monkeypox be treated?
According to the WHO, there is currently no specific treatment recommended for monkeypox. Vaccination against smallpox has been found to be about 85 percent effective in preventing the disease. Therefore, it recommends childhood smallpox vaccination to prevent severe symptoms of monkeypox.

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