Kerala Woman Suicide Attempt: In Kerala, a woman climbed a mobile tower with the intention of committing suicide, after which there was chaos in the area. The most interesting thing came to the fore in this case that his life was saved because of the birds. A video of the incident has also surfaced in which the act of this woman has been captured. This case is from Alappuzha area of ​​Kayakulam, Kerala. The woman says that her child has been separated from her due to which she is committing suicide.

The video of the woman climbing the tower is telling the truth

In fact, when this woman was climbing the tower, people were making videos of her there. which went viral. It is seen in this video that the woman is climbing on the mobile tower and she climbs to the top of the tower but she teases the bird’s nest. In such a situation, these birds start chirping there and attack him. After this this woman gets scared and starts descending from the tower very quickly. But the chirping of the birds continues. When the woman who came down from such a height is a few feet above the ground, she jumps from there, but fortunately, the fire brigade vehicles are there, which saves her life.

If there were no birds, the matter could have been worse.

Talking on this matter, an official said that this woman was upset due to separation from her child, the woman was a resident of Tamil Nadu state. He told that if the birds had not nested on the tower and the birds had not attacked them, then this woman would not have come down from the tower so easily, then the matter could have worsened. The official said that this woman hails from Tamil Nadu and was admitted to the hospital where her condition is stable. They told that they are trying to contact the woman’s husband and his relatives so that the woman can be handed over to her family members.

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